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Conducting work to confirm compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (Customs Union) with the issuance of certificates and declarations.

Development and preparation of technical data sheets.

Development of technical conditions.

Development of safety justifications.

Compilation of equipment operation manuals.


Technical advice.

Engineering calculations for boilers:







Strength calculations for pressure vessels.

Drawing up programs and test methods: boiler, gas and other auxiliary equipment of boiler units.

Conducting a survey in order to determine the residual resource of boiler and gas equipment, including: determination by non-destructive testing methods of the thickness of the walls of pipelines, steam, hot water, gas pipelines, pressure vessels.


Preparation of reports on the results of equipment inspection.

Organization and implementation of start-up and commissioning works.

Examination of technical, technological and operational documentation regulating the safety of operation of facilities.

Implementation of a complex of design, installation at facilities subordinate to Rostekhnadzor of Russia.

Preparation of documents for obtaining a license to operate explosive and fire hazardous and chemically hazardous facilities of I, II, III hazard classes.

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